( Currently operating in Lund )

Mr. SJ


  • Pointless sports facts, Soccer, hockey you name it.
  • Music: Rock, Classic Heavy Metal, and also forced to listen to crappy radio at work so have some involuntary skills regarding psudoartist from Idol

Mrs. LP


  • Soccer fan and Horse know-it-all.
  • Music: Tend to listen to bad radio a lot so well versed in general pop, Swedish music, and like Mr SJ psudoartist from Idol, but seems like it is sometimes on purpose.
  • TV/Movies: British romantic, Fantasy and Vampire stuff (ooh yes the horror *sigh*) American TV comedy and Desperat Housewife like stuff






  • Technical Geekery
  • Music: Metal Trash Death, but also Rave, House, DnB, Techno, Hiphop, Jazz and stuff (some claimed by Mr SJ not to be Music at all)
  • TV/Movies: Korean Romantic dramas, Danish, British romantic, Asian movies in general